“Oh no, I’ve blown it AGAIN!”

“Oh no, I’ve blown it AGAIN!!” - Ponderings on Catastrophic Thinking So, 18 days into this New Year, how’s it going?  If you made any New Year Resolutions (as opposed to Solutions), then I suspect you may have already blown them and totally given up on the initial resolution.  That diet, which was going to get you your dream body, isn’t working out at all now; you’re back smoking the cigarettes; ‘dry-January’ is getting rather wet; and as for that new gym membership – well the card is at least being put to…continue reading →

Solutions, not Resolutions

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, my dad had a double heart bypass operation.  I’ve seen him twice since his op, and I’m very grateful and in awe of the superb care and attention shown to him by the nurses, doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists, and everyone else involved in his recovery.  We are truly blessed to have the NHS here in the UK. On the way in to visit him today, I bought a copy of the Daily Mail (other papers are available!).  On page 9 was a short interview with Elle Macpherson. One sentence in…continue reading →