Week 1 – Blood Sugar Diet

So… today (Sun 22nd May 2016) brings me to the end of my first week on Dr Michael Mosley’s ‘8-week blood sugar diet’ - and I’m pleased to report this past week I’ve lost 3.0kgs (6.6lbs). This is good news!  Being overweight carries many risks.  One is increased breathlessness as the excess weight puts a strain on your heart and lungs.  Today’s Sunday Mirror has highlighted this issue (Sadly I wasn’t at Sale Rugby Club to train with some hunky, fit rugby players, I was there to take my final exams for L4…continue reading →

Asthma & COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

As a L4 Exercise Specialist, I work with clients on the Active for Health Exercise Referral Scheme in Rotherham, South Yorkshire.  I am also having my work validated in a research project with Sheffield Hallam University.  One of the pathways being studied is COPD and Asthma.  Here I share some stats, signs, symptoms, pathophysiology, medications, and exercise benefits and guidelines for both of these diseases. If you are a L2 Fitness Instructor or L3 Personal Trainer, I encourage you to gain the L3 Exercise Referral qualification (Envisage offer a great course - and the…continue reading →

High cholesterol levels & high blood pressure

Cardiovascular Disease – today’s modern society has brought about many positives, but it’s also created the perfect environment for cardiovascular disease (CVD) to increase.  The cardiovascular system has the essential role of supplying the body with oxygen and nutrients to support life.  However, this system is being destroyed by excessive food consumption and inactivity. There are many different aspects of CVD – in this article I will cover Hypercholesterolemia (high levels of cholesterol in the blood), and Hypertension (high blood pressure). I’ll give you some stats, look at signs & symptoms, risk factors,…continue reading →