“I know walking’s good for me… but I hate it!”

"I know walking's good for me... but I hate it!" So ended the brief conversation some seven years ago with a friend of mine who was trying to persuade me to go on another embarrassing ‘short’ walk with the aim of ‘making me feel better and get fitter’. The subject of walking - among other topics - came up again this morning as I sat in the sunshine with my ‘Black with a Splash’ (strong coffee) listening to the Christian church service on Radio 4.  The speaker mentioned his recent walk along the…continue reading →

Week 8 – Blood Sugar Diet

  Day 56 (Sun 10th July 2016) is finally here.  I celebrated this morning with a slap up breakfast cooked by my little brother Ian!  It’s been a long old eight weeks, but I have learnt things, lost weight, lost body fat and improved my blood sugar levels and food cravings.     So here are the stats: Total weight loss 7.4kgs (16.3lbs) Total body fat loss 4.9% (using bioimpedence scales) Total visceral fat loss 1.5% (using bioimpedence scales) Awaiting my HbA1c blood results… but daily readings have been more stable Food cravings…continue reading →

Week 7 – Blood Sugar Diet

Writing a weekly blog (Week 7 ended on Sun 3rd July 2016) provides the dilemma of what to put in. Do I just provide the good stuff that worked, or do I share with you what hasn’t worked - where I’ve slipped up - in the hope that it’ll help me and maybe a few others to learn. I’m conscious that when I think about the bits that have ‘gone wrong’, the aim is NOT to beat myself up and dwell on how silly I’ve been, but to analyse and learn from them…continue reading →

Week 6 – Blood Sugar Diet

Woah!  What a difference a week (ending Sun 26th June) makes.  Totally impressed with myself this week: lost 2.8kgs (that's 6.2lbs in old money!).  I step off the scales and get on again: same result!  Amazed and chuffed. But even as this fact starts to sink in, I can feel the panic rising.  I'm not meant to be any good at this weight-loss stuff.  The old thoughts of "Lose weight = good girl; put on weight = bad girl" come rushing back to mind.  What happens if I can't keep it off 'cos…continue reading →

Week 5 – Blood Sugar Diet

Hmm... a tough week (ending Sun 19th June).  Slipped off the wagon.  Put on a couple of lbs this week. The key, as always, is to see this as a 'lapse', not a total 'relapse'.  Just because you have a blip, it doesn't mean that the whole day / week / diet is blown.  That's the classic Catastrophic all-or-nothing way of thinking. Likewise, it doesn't affect my self-worth.  I am SO much more than a number on some weighing scales. Fluctuations in body weight can be attributed to lots of different things: hydration,…continue reading →