Day 6 – Just do it!

It’s been my first day back at work after two weeks off over Christmas and New Year… I feel tired… I’ve got a slight chesty cough… it’s cold outside… it’s windy… it’s spitting with rain… and I’d committed to do a brisk walk / run as part of my 100-Day Challenge.  So what did I do? There was a strong temptation to take the above excuses and curl up on the sofa in front of the fire with them and have a well-deserved rest!  I could certainly justify not going out... no one…continue reading →

Day 5 – Beware of the ‘All or Nothing’ thinking

If you’ve read my article on Catastrophic Thinking, then you’ll have a rough idea of where I’m going with this article. It’s so very tempting, when we start anything new, that we get excited and go overboard.  On a new diet we’ll zealously over-restrict; on a new training regime we’ll go to every possible class at the gym; on a New Year’s Resolution we’ll stick to it for maybe a day or two… ‘All or Nothing’ thinking (aka Catastrophic Thinking) is often a big factor in why New Year’s Resolutions rarely last past…continue reading →