27 miles in 3 days?!!

This weekend (17th - 19th March) I embarked on a 3-day training hike session, with the aim to cover 27 miles - the distance I will hike in 14 hours (!) when I do the Pure Challenge Peak District Six Dales event on Sat 24th June 2017 (now only 14 weeks / 98 days away). Day 1 (Friday) - I'd worked out (using Map My Run) a gently undulating 10-mile linear route for today.  A few fine gravel paths, but mainly on good ol' tarmac / flagstone footpaths. I'd return back to the…continue reading →

Pay it forward

Last weekend (4th & 5th March) I hiked on two consecutive days for the first time. Saturday: I planned a 13km (just over 8 miles) walk with 137m of ascent.  Only pavement pounding, but useful mileage in the legs.  It felt a long way, but I made it in 2.5hrs - an average speed of 3.4mph (5.2km/hr). The last couple of km I started to slow down.  However, unlike the previous weekend's hike in Essex, I didn't suffer with groin pain. Sunday: In the pouring rain - "it's only water" - I managed…continue reading →