Here are comments from people I’ve worked with:


I came to Sharon, along with my husband Ian, to get advice on getting fitter and for help with appropriate strengthening exercises. Sharon assessed our initial state of fitness as well as our needs and tailored exercises which have been effective. We also needed motivation and confidence to get started and persist, and Sharon has excelled in encouraging us to do so. I am currently doing online fitness classes with Sharon and some others, so we are all on the same screen and this has been fun as well as [ literally !] stretching. Sharon is changing my attitude to exercising from it being a thoroughly avoidable chore to something which has tangible benefits and can be enjoyable.

Sandra, Wakefield – May 2020


Exercising with Sharon via Zoom is great because she has such an understanding of and appreciation for the limitations that people living with obesity can face when exercising. She is able to adapt the sessions to suit the participants.  She provides just the right mix of challenge and encouragement and her sessions are really good fun!

Ayesha, Wakefield – April 2020


Working through a range of low impact & low intensity exercises with Sharon was informative and great fun.  Starting with a full body warm up including stretching, joint mobilisation, raise heart rate and increase blood flow in preparation for the main workout (very thorough).  A great confidence builder due to the ability to ask questions and raise concerns regarding personal conditions or injuries etc. (in my case this was asthma, lower back tension and an old crush injury to my foot).  Throughout the main exercise session it was good to have an option of varying modes (choices of exercise depending on my own personal preference or level of fitness).  I would recommend working with Sharon in her classes or on a 1 to 1 basis.  Great inspiration for anyone who is not ready for the gym environment or ‘full on’ circuit / high impact-type classes that can be daunting and too ‘full on’ for beginners.

James, Barnsley – April 2018


Sharon is one of the most remarkable people I have ever worked with.

Analytical, focused and with a style that is as engaging as it is therapeutic. She combines technical expertise in rehabilitation with a patient centered approach that puts the needs of the individual at the heart of every consultation.

Over three years we developed training methods together that are adapted to the needs of each person.

Sharon is uniquely able to integrate advice about behavioural change, diet, habit, strength, fitness and recovery so that improvements in one area of life inevitably lead to improvements in all areas: vicious spirals become virtuous circles.

Progress is goal oriented and driven by both hard metrics and data as well as softer experiential measures. She is exceptional in collecting her own data and being integrated with a university research department so that she monitors her own outcomes as closely as those of her clients.

For MSK rehab and training that will be personally tailored, up to date and easily integrated into even the busiest life, she is my one stop shop.

Dr Chris van Tulleken, PhD MA BM BCh (Oxon) DTMH MRCP (UK), MRC Research Fellow UCL, Academic Clinical Fellow, UCLH; Television Presenter for the BBC: Trust Me I’m a Doctor, Horizon, Operation Ouch.


I’ve been training at the gym with Sharon for 6 months now.  I especially enjoy our tough cardio sessions, and am now running faster.  I am taking part in my first 5km race this Sunday.  I also like doing interval training on the rowing machine.  Sharon has shown me different exercises to improve my muscle strength.  Each session is varied and she works me hard but we have fun too.  She has helped me set and smash my goals on a weekly and monthly basis.  As a person she is cheerful, friendly and helpful.

Barney, Rotherham – March 2016


Sharon has come on an inspirational personal journey into health and fitness. Her experience and enthusiasm is outstanding. Anyone wanting to make positive changes in their life would do well to work with her!

Phin Robinson, Pure Physiotherapy, Rotherham / Sheffield – Nov 2015


Had my PT Taster Session with Sharon this morning and it exceeded my expectations. After a short consultation in which she obviously listened, as the exercises were tailored to my strengths. I was challenged and encouraged during a gruelling workout session. I would recommend anyone to give this a try… although I might change my mind when the affects kick in!!

Alison, Sheffield – Nov 2015


Thank you Sharon – it was a great lesson.  I’ve been to gym on my own but what a difference getting one to one help in doing things the right way.  I found you very understanding and supportive with my personal issues and really enjoyed it and your knowledge on food problems as well.

Pam, Sheffield – Nov 2015


I had a Personal Trainer session with Sharon – absolutely fantastic. She started by asking about any injuries, illnesses and medications I was on.  She then asked what I wanted to achieve both short and long term.  We then went through some exercises aimed at helping me to smash those goals.  She really put me through my paces – just what I needed to get back on track. Thanks Sharon!

Angela, Sheffield – October 2015


I first started working with Sharon as part of a competition prize.  After I had my prize sessions, I then started training with Sharon as a paying client.  She works with me on my goals – achieving a good body fat percentage, and improving my swimming performance.  She is very thorough – explaining why and how to do each exercise correctly.  She has a good eye for detail and corrects my technique when needed, so that I work safely and effectively.  I’d highly recommend working with Sharon.

David, Sheffield – October 2015


I’ve been working with Sharon for several weeks now.  She’s friendly, humorous – and works me really hard!!  She explains why and how to do things properly, and how the exercises will help me achieve my goals.  She also advises me on what to eat to help me lose weight.  Her own personal story of losing 10st has inspired and motivated me.  She always has time to chat if I have any questions, and is supportive and encouraging when I struggle.

Louise, Sheffield – October 2015


I first started working with Sharon in the Shuffle Club (for new and slow runners).  I’d never run before, yet Sharon was encouraging, and I had a fantastic session. I now run a little bit!  Sharon is very motivational and her personal story is a great inspiration. She has really helped me: she’s always willing to answer my questions, give me tips, and enable me to get more out of my workout and program.  I’ve been in this gym many years and I think Sharon is the best thing that has happened for me!

Michelle, Sheffield – October 2015


I have had Sharon as my PT since August 2014.  She is a remarkable PT – empathetic, clear teaching and humorous.  I feel she has a great understanding of my needs – and also with people who aren’t very physically active and/or who suffer with chronic health conditions.

Sharon devises highly personalised training programmes, taking into account my likes and dislikes, as well as time available for physical activities.  Together we have set short, medium and long-term goals.  I get a real buzz out of achieving these with the help from Sharon – she keeps me motivated and is very supportive.  I particularly enjoy her ‘Physical Challenges’ – I will be taking part in my first 5km race next week – I never dreamed that would be possible!

Hannah, Rotherham – Sept 2015


Had a Personal Trainer taster session with Sharon today and my wife had one last week. They were brilliant sessions. Sharon had a chat with us first to determine what we wanted to work on then took us into the gym to show us a wide range of exercises. She explained what was happening throughout the session with lots of encouragement especially when the going got tough!! If you want a workout plan specially tailored for you, delivered in a friendly professional manner, I would not hesitate to recommend Sharon.

Richard, Sheffield – June 2015


Sharon has been my PT since October 2014.  She was recommended to me by a family member.  I’d had previous bad experiences with a couple of PTs, and my confidence and self-esteem was rock bottom.  I was quite overweight and felt very nervous about coming in to a gym environment.  Right from the start Sharon was friendly, welcoming, and her zany sense of humour put me at ease.  We chatted about what I wanted to achieve and my dreams of being fit, healthy and adventurous!

Sharon has helped me with my nutrition and food – both physically and emotionally.  I see Sharon every week and she has also given me a programme to do on my own in between our sessions – initially in the privacy of my own home, and lately in the gym – a big achievement for me.

I am doing my first ever race next Sunday – a 5km event at Rother Valley Country Park.  Sharon is also training me for Tough Mudder in August!  My life is amazing since getting to know Sharon.  I highly recommend her!

Holly, Rotherham – April 2015


I have known Sharon for 24 years now, and have enjoyed watching her many great personal changes over the past few years.  She is loyal, hard-working, organised and empathetic.  She gets on well with a wide variety of people from all walks of life.  Sharon has a great gift for teaching, inspiring and motivating people – people respect her because she has actually walked the journey she now helps others to take.

She has been my PT since she set up Big Picture Living in July 2014.  In that time I have seen my muscle mass increase and my body fat percentage decrease.  My strength and flexibility have also improved – all validated by Sharon’s meticulous record keeping.  Sharon accommodates all my aches and pains with great determination, creativity and humour.  I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to you.

Malcolm, Sheffield – June 2015


In 2013 I suffered a Knee Cartilage tear which required surgery through an arthroscopic procedure in September 2013.  The tear was quite severe and left me struggling to walk for around 5 weeks.  I was advised that to aid the recovery time I should join a gym and aim at partaking in exercises that would build up the muscles around my Knee.  Although I have a strong interest in sports and exercise I had little experience in exercises that would aid my recovery.

Sharon’s knowledge of fitness techniques has helped my recovery no end.  I can proudly say I returned to playing football for the first time this week since my injury first developed early in 2013.  Sharon’s teaching style is always pleasant and although training brings out my competitive nature, Sharon is always cautious for my health and pays immaculate attention to detail in how I am performing and where my limit is.  She always has an exercise plan for me to execute and I am never left anything short of astonished as to how much time and effort she has placed into researching exercises to aid my development, as well as researching exercises along the way to aid little niggles I pick up due to my previous time away from exercise.

Cade, Rotherham – July 2014


I have my own health and fitness issues and have observed Sharon address hers very successfully. When I began to talk to Sharon about this, she encouraged me to begin addressing mine.

Her manner has always been encouraging.  From spending time with her in training, it is clear to me that Sharon is very knowledgeable and informed. She also has appropriate communication skills. Her manner is relaxed while being very thorough in her instruction. She observes well and is therefore able to make corrections.

Sharon is motivational and inspirational because of her example and the personal journey she has been on and because she is sensitive to people. She is quick to adapt a task when necessary and has demonstrated her ability to do this in a variety of ways. Sharon is mindful of building up sessions that are sufficiently varied and in doing this has again observed what has worked well. Sessions are clearly prepared carefully and thoughtfully, building on what has been done previously.

Marina, Rotherham – July 2014