Solutions, not Resolutions

Yesterday, New Year’s Eve, my dad had a double heart bypass operation.  I’ve seen him twice since his op, and I’m very grateful and in awe of the superb care and attention shown to him by the nurses, doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists, and everyone else involved in his recovery.  We are truly blessed to have the NHS here in the UK. On the way in to visit him today, I bought a copy of the Daily Mail (other papers are available!).  On page 9 was a short interview with Elle Macpherson. One sentence in…continue reading →

Obesity – the biggest threat to women’s health

So, today saw the Chief Medical Officer Dame Sally Davies give an interview to the BBC about women's health.  The headline read "Obesity - the biggest threat to women's health".  This caught my eye for three main reasons: a) I'm a woman, b) I used to be morbidly obese with a BMI of 52, c) I specialise in helping women who are overweight and obese to become fitter and healthier. According to the statistics she gave, 62% of women aged between 45yrs and 54yrs are either overweight or obese.  What does that mean…continue reading →