We did it!!

Yesterday, myself and my wonderful cousin Jill took part in the Peak District Six Dales challenge: 6 dales; 27 miles; 1000m ascent; 14hrs to complete. Here is a quick summary (will update with fuller details tomorrow when I'm not so tired!!) My friend Ana and I left my house at 6am after having packed, repacked and then rearranged again my rucksack!  Decided to jettison the extra set of clothing and the waterproof covering for my rucksack - just no room left for food and drink. We picked Jill up from St Anne's church…continue reading →

Six Days ’til the Six Dales

It's been four months and twenty nine days since Jill and myself agreed to enter for the Pure Challenge Six Dales hike: 6 dales, 27 miles, 1000m ascent and 14hrs to complete it.  We're raising funds for two charities: Doctors of the World and Swansea City Mission - Nicholaston House, which runs Eating Disorder courses for people with any faith and no faith. Doctors of the World They are currently running 400 projects in 80 countries with 3000 volunteers! Whether it’s providing urgent medical care in Ukraine, giving mental healthcare to refugees in…continue reading →

Further and longer!

So how did you spend your weekend?  For me it started with a surprisingly quick and clear journey south on the A14.  The aim was to meet up with my cousin Jill for our final joint training hike before our Six Dales Challenge on Sat 24th June - fundraising for Doctors of the World and also the Eating Disorder work led by Helena Wilkinson at Nicholaston House (Swansea City Mission). After an evening of sorting out motivational hiking music on my mp3, I settled down for a good night's sleep ahead of a…continue reading →

A Lesson in Endurance

I moved in to my current house just over eight months ago.  It's a lovely two-bed house, in a quiet cul-de-sac overlooking fields.  The neighbours are great, and it's close to work too.  The one 'glitch' is that it has a HUGE garden - and I have NO green fingers whatsoever!!  Thankfully there are very few plants to look after (I struggle to keep cacti alive)... just one giant undulating lawn to keep under control. Lately it's been a struggle to match time off work with dry weather, and hence my lawn resembled…continue reading →

“Too fat to work!” – my response to the Daily Mail article.

Last Tuesday 30th May, the Daily Mail published an article,  written by Tammy Hughes, quoting Prof Dame Carol Black.  I saw it retweeted a few times on Twitter and was intrigued by the headline.  Having read the article, I felt compelled to put my opinion and comments forward. The first line of the articles stated “Almost 900,000 people in Britain are too fat to work”. My first thought was along the lines of ‘What is the definition of being too fat to work’?   Too fat to be able to travel to work?…continue reading →

Easter hiking – Part 2

Oh my days!!!!! Easter Sunday started with a lovely sunny day in Rotherham.  However, the forecast for Glossop where we would be hiking was "Continuous heavy rain".  Hard to believe such a contrast in weather over just 30 miles, but nonetheless, we packed our gear and a change of clothing for the end. After a good bowl of porridge with cinnamon and peanut butter, myself and my cousin Jill drove over to Old Glossop and met up (for my third time!) with the Shamblers walking group - around 25 people had turned out…continue reading →

Easter hiking – Part 1

I'm on a roll now... met up with the Shamblers walking group again today!  This time for ab 'Easy' 6-mile walk from Stanley Ferry near Wakefield.  A beautiful canal and woodland there-and-back walk, with a lunch stop at a local church. We started from a pub, and the sun was shining - what could be better?! An early viewpoint of a weir was our first stopping point. We stopped for lunch at a beautiful little church... and the clouds in the sky were a stunning swirl of shapes.       There followed…continue reading →

At last!! Perseverance pays off

If you've been following my blog for a while, you'll be familiar with my attempts to meet up with the sociable Sheffield walking group 'The Shamblers'.  Well, on Saturday 1st April... I actually made it to one of their walks!! It was suspiciously listed on their website as a 5.5 mile walk to the 'Isle of Skye'.  Now, being the 1st April, I was on my guard for an April Fool's joke - we were after all nowhere near Scotland!  But nevertheless, I headed off with 'Bruce' my SatNav to the meeting point…continue reading →

27 miles in 3 days?!!

This weekend (17th - 19th March) I embarked on a 3-day training hike session, with the aim to cover 27 miles - the distance I will hike in 14 hours (!) when I do the Pure Challenge Peak District Six Dales event on Sat 24th June 2017 (now only 14 weeks / 98 days away). Day 1 (Friday) - I'd worked out (using Map My Run) a gently undulating 10-mile linear route for today.  A few fine gravel paths, but mainly on good ol' tarmac / flagstone footpaths. I'd return back to the…continue reading →

Pay it forward

Last weekend (4th & 5th March) I hiked on two consecutive days for the first time. Saturday: I planned a 13km (just over 8 miles) walk with 137m of ascent.  Only pavement pounding, but useful mileage in the legs.  It felt a long way, but I made it in 2.5hrs - an average speed of 3.4mph (5.2km/hr). The last couple of km I started to slow down.  However, unlike the previous weekend's hike in Essex, I didn't suffer with groin pain. Sunday: In the pouring rain - "it's only water" - I managed…continue reading →