12 Bridges Challenge – the geeky details!

So, it's now less than five weeks until I take part in my next Physical Challenge - the London 12 Bridges - raising funds for Diabetes UK. If you wish to sponsor me, please go to my fundraising page.  Thanks in advance! The great day is on Sunday 30th Sept, and I have a start time of 9am.  I have given myself a target of doing it in 3.5hrs.  I will be doing the walk with hundreds of other people, but also my friends James, Craig & Johnathon. The walk starts in Battersea…continue reading →

Celebrate! One year on…

Yesterday (Thur 16th Aug 2018) I celebrated 'Happy Alive Day' - it being one year since I had my heart attack. It was a GREAT day :-) Unlike the same day last year, of which I remember nothing - not even phoning for the ambulance (6.55am)  or texting my boss (7am) to say I wouldn't be in work 'cos I thought I was having a heart attack and the ambulance was on its way!!     Yesterday's celebrations started with a very nice breakfast of Eggs Benedict, Black Pudding, and my trademark 'Black…continue reading →

When the Custard Doughnuts scream… do not panic!

So... it's Monday afternoon and I'm craving custard doughnuts: soft, squidgy, lightly dusted, freshly cooked on the premises, 5 for 50p, custard doughnuts from my local supermarket. But, I'm on a healthy food & activity plan (diets don't work!) and have done well so far - losing 13lbs in past 11wks. So how do I resist taking a brisk walk (or more likely, a very short car journey) to said supermarket and indulge in my craving?? Is it really a treat? So often I hear myself say "I've done well this week and…continue reading →

My next challenge…

Ten weeks today - on Sun 30th Sept 2018, I will be taking part in my next Physical Challenge. Along with hopefully hundreds of others, I'll be walking a distance of 10 miles (16km) across 12 of the iconic bridges along the length of the River Thames in London.  Starting at 9am in Battersea Park, I'll step my way east along the Thames, finally ending up at... The Finish Line. As a Specialist Personal Trainer, I am taking my training for this event seriously!!  For the past five weeks, I've been building up…continue reading →

“Sometimes losing weight & living healthy sucks!”

It's been one of those weeks this week. Work hassles / things not going to plan / misunderstandings with people. Not feeling too great. The heat. Not sleeping well. Reduced calorie intake. Increased daily step count. Hormones. Sometimes losing weight and living healthy sucks! So... I get to Friday evening and decide "I've had enough for today - not hit my step count, but I'm tired, I did a great (but tough) 1hr cardiac circuit class this morning, I'll relax tonight, I've deserved it". And then one of my Personal Training clients texts…continue reading →

Oh happy day!!

As a practicing Christian, I really love Easter!  This year in particular, I've been able to relate to Jesus' death and resurrection on a more personal basis (see my Heart Attack blogs for the full story!). On Good Friday I took part in the 'March of Witness' around Wakefield city centre.  There was a good turnout - approx 200 people?? - and we sang our hearts out in the cathedral service afterwards.  It was good to remember the willing sacrifice of Jesus on the cross, that I might know new life!  This was…continue reading →

So this is 2018!!

Hello!! It's been a while since I wrote a blog, so here's an update... As I write this, I'm listening to myself speak on UCB2 Christian radio - a very strange experience!  It's a rebroadcast of the  interview I did live in the studio back in Sept 2017, just a few weeks after my heart attack.  I was talking about my journey with emotional eating, weightloss, behaviour change and healing. Heart health: since my last update, my heart has been getting stronger.  My walks are getting longer and more frequent - thanks to…continue reading →

The Military Diet – my 3-day experience (by Jill Blofield)

Below is my cousin Jill's first blog.   Feel free to give comment and feedback via the Contact Form.or on social media. Thanks. How many of us are happy with our bodies?  And, if we're not happy with how we look, are we justified? Last weekend Mum and Dad took me to an outdoor sculpture exhibition at Marks Hall and Arboretum.  With blue skies and scarcely a cloud in sight, the weather was perfect for wandering round the sculpture trail containing 300 quality pieces from over 50 national and international sculptors artistically placed throughout…continue reading →

Filling in the gaps…

I wasn't anticipating writing another part to this blog quite so soon, but the last 24hrs have been a bit of a challenge! Yesterday I had a visit from the first person on the scene when I had my heart attack.  Leon (in white) - owner of Functional Fitness, and Project Manager for Active for Health Rotherham (COPD; Cancer; Stroke; MSK; Falls Prevention) - was the only other person I managed to contact after phoning 999 for an ambulance. If you've read my initial "Attack!" blog, you'll be aware that I don't remember…continue reading →

The Recovery begins…

On Wed 16th Aug I had a heart attack - completely out of the blue and without any warning.  I was in hospital for nine days.  This blog picks up the story as I arrive home. Thur 24th Aug - I'm discharged from Chesterman 1 (ward at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield at 8pm.  I take a slow walk along the corridors with mum and a friend, while dad goes to bring the car round to the Pick Up point. It all still feels really surreal.  Thankfully I'm not in any pain, just feel…continue reading →