The challenge from Verity today for #PCOSawarenessMonth is to think about what empowers us on through our PCOS journey.

The responses on Twitter from women living with PCOS have been numerous: taking control of diet and activity levels; sharing how they feel with loved ones and close friends; imparting others with knowledge.

For me, it is sharing my story of living with PCOS and helping others to understand the real impact of the syndrome. This gives me the best feeling of being empowered.

Some people like to quote ‘Knowledge is Power’ – and to a certain extent this is very true.

With a common condition like PCOS, where there is still much research to be done as to the full, long-term impact of the syndrome on women’s physical, emotional, and social lives, this very much rings true.

So hurrah for PCOS Awareness Month.  Let’s gain the knowledge and empower others this month and every month!

Until next time…  Sharon 🙂