Now that for many people lockdown is easing, some are going back into the office, back to school… and I’m hoping to be back on Huddersfield University campus next Wednesday (not that I’m counting the days or owt!!), it’s good to stay mindful.

Mindfulness is about being ‘in the moment’.  Of making yourself consciously aware of what is surrounding you and going on with you.

It is NOT about emptying your mind, but of being aware of your breath, and using all your senses to taste, smell, listen, and touch your surroundings.

For me, I like to take time out in a forest or wooded area or even my local park – just listen to the wildlife & watch the effect of the seasons (or at least the changing weather!) on the trees and plants.

As stress, anxiety, and depression are all factors for #PCOS it is good to take time out, gain a bit of perspective, and relax.  They go back into life reinvigorated – at least a bit anyway.

Until next time… Sharon 🙂