It’s been one of those weeks this week.

Work hassles / things not going to plan / misunderstandings with people. Not feeling too great. The heat. Not sleeping well. Reduced calorie intake. Increased daily step count. Hormones.

Sometimes losing weight and living healthy sucks!

So… I get to Friday evening and decide “I’ve had enough for today – not hit my step count, but I’m tired, I did a great (but tough) 1hr cardiac circuit class this morning, I’ll relax tonight, I’ve deserved it”.

And then one of my Personal Training clients texts me to say she’s sorry but doesn’t feel like doing her session tomorrow morning, she just wants to chill out and relax.

Hmm.  I take a minute.  Ponder my answer.  Then reply:

“Tough PT Sharon should really insist on our planned session (a brisk 15 min walk followed by a couple of short strength exercises for legs).  Visualise the health benefits of getting more active; picture the number on the scales going down; imagine your future life (and I list her specific personal motivating goals). Small choices have BIG effects.  It’s your choice tho.”

She replies, suggesting a later start time for our session.  I follow up with:

“I’m just going out for my walk.  I don’t want to do it; I don’t feel like I’ve got the energy for it; I can easily justify not going.  But this weight loss & healthy living stuff stinks at times.  Sometimes you just have to focus on your goals, grit your teeth, and do it anyway!!”

Her reply?

“It’s a good thing I’ve got you to keep me motivated.  You’re such an inspiration because you don’t just talk the talk, you (literally) walk the walk.  I’ll see you at 9am tomorrow as planned.”

I head off out for my brisk walk, chuntering away to myself and thinking over the conversation I’d just had. Life happens. Things don’t go to plan. Sometimes we get hurt.  Often we’re faced with tough stuff to work through.


Do we sit on our backsides moaning about how things would be so much better if only this… and that would happen.  Or do we get up and take action??  Whatever our situation and health (and I’ve had my fair share of issues over the years!) there is ALWAYS something that we can do to improve things, however small it may seem at the time.

As a Christian, my personal faith helps me tremendously.  I know that God is always beside me, giving me strength and purpose to my everyday life, as well as sharing His plans for my future.  But that doesn’t always make life easier – I still have really low, tough times when all I can do is just cry out for His help.  And it comes. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes slower than I’d like. Sometimes through other people (like tonight).  It’s a learning / maturing process.

I finished tonight’s walk with a new PB: 40 mins.  I hit my 18k (that’s 18,000 daily steps, not 18,000km weekly walking total!!!! You know who you are) daily step count. 

I also got chatting to a lovely lady taking her dog Millie out for a walk – we both huffed & puffed up a steep hill (I live in West Yorkshire so every walk includes at least one hill!) and we shared a bit of humourous banter about the ‘joys’ of keeping fit & healthy.

So now I’m going to have a nice soak in the bath and go to bed with a contented smug smile on my face because tonight I made the right small decision, which in the long run will help me to live my Big Picture Life.

Think on.  Be inspired. Keep pressing forward.