Sunday 8th May 2016

So… I’ve drawn up my list of pro’s and con’s, and decided to do Dr Michael Mosley’s ‘8-week Blood Sugar Diet’.

Day 1 will be Monday 16th May.  This gives me time to shop and prepare – mentally and physically – for what I expect to be a tough challenge.  I struggle to stick to anything for a week, never mind 8 weeks!  Which is why I’ve decided to ‘blog’ about my day-to-day happenings while on the diet.

BSD 4wk menu

It’s basically a Mediterranean-style diet, 800 cals/day for 8 wks.  Thankfully Michael’s book provides a 4-week meal plan (just repeat it for weeks 5 – 8), so there’s no thinking or calorie counting to be done… just shop and plan.


I invite you to come along with me on this journey.  I’ll be sharing my thoughts, and the highs and lows experienced along the way.  We’ll see what happens…