Hmm… a tough week (ending Sun 19th June).  Slipped off the wagon.  Put on a couple of lbs this week.

The key, as always, is to see this as a ‘lapse’, not a total ‘relapse’.  Just because you have a blip, it doesn’t mean that the whole day / week / diet is blown.  That’s the classic Catastrophic all-or-nothing way of thinking.

Likewise, it doesn’t affect my self-worth.  I am SO much more than a number on some weighing scales. Fluctuations in body weight can be attributed to lots of different things: hydration, hormones, fat loss / gain, muscle loss / gain.  It is much healthier to take a summary of weight over 4 weeks for example.

At the end of Week 8, when all this is over, I’ll publish a graph of my weight…and then we’ll analyse!

So, for now, I’ll just climb back on the wagon again and see what next week brings…