So, it’s now less than five weeks until I take part in my next Physical Challenge – the London 12 Bridges – raising funds for Diabetes UK. If you wish to sponsor me, please go to my fundraising page.  Thanks in advance!

The great day is on Sunday 30th Sept, and I have a start time of 9am.  I have given myself a target of doing it in 3.5hrs.  I will be doing the walk with hundreds of other people, but also my friends James, Craig & Johnathon.

The walk starts in Battersea Park, and we cross all twelve bridges along the River Thames, ending up at the Finish Line in Minster Court after crossing Tower Bridge – a total distance of 10 miles / 16km.

Here is the map of the route we will be following on the day.

I have been in training for the last three months, slowly building up my daily step count, my walking distance, and speed.  At the moment, I’m finding that a good endurance pace for me is 5km/hr, or 1km every 12 minutes.

Based on those timings, and allowing a bit extra for the obligatory photo taking at each bridge, and increasing tiredness as I reach the end, I have worked out a rough time for arrival at each bridge (cos I’m a bit of a data nerd!!).

So if you’re in the area and would like to come and cheer me on – you’d be most welcome – especially nearer the end when I may be flagging a bit!!  If you want to greet me on the Finish Line with a glass or two of cider…  😉

START: Battersea Park – 09:00

  1. Albert Bridge – 09:10 (0.85km)
  2. Chelsea Bridge – 09:38 (2.29km)
  3. Vauxhall Bridge – 10:03 (4.37km)
  4. Lambeth Bridge – 10:19 (5.63km)
  5. Westminster Bridge – 10:35 (6.87km)
  6. Hungerford Bridge – 10:49 (7.93km)
  7. Waterloo Bridge – 11:06 (9.29km)
  8. Blackfriars Bridge – 11:23 (10.67km)
  9. Millennium Bridge – 11:36 (11.65km)
  10. Southwark Bridge – 11:46 (12.37km)
  11. London Bridge – 12:00 (13.29km)
  12. Tower Bridge – 12:19 (14.75km)

FINISH: Minster Court – 12:30 (16km)

The total ascent over the course is 113.4m (according to MayMyRun) – which for a riverside-based course, I was quite surprised at.  Maybe all my West Yorkshire hill walking will come in useful after all?!

So, that’s it for now.  Over the next few weeks I’ll be giving you some interesting info on each of the bridges, and some facts about each surrounding area, so you can sound intelligent if you’re standing at the side of the course cheering everyone on!

I’ll leave you with my fundraising page.  Thanks for all your support, both in the build up to the event, and hopefully on the day itself (with the aim of live Tweets during the event).

BTW – it’s also not too late if you want to join me in the event.  You can find out more details and register here. Entrance is only £5 and includes a t-shirt and medal! Bargain.