Yesterday (Thur 16th Aug 2018) I celebrated ‘Happy Alive Day’ – it being one year since I had my heart attack.

It was a GREAT day 🙂

Unlike the same day last year, of which I remember nothing – not even phoning for the ambulance (6.55am)  or texting my boss (7am) to say I wouldn’t be in work ‘cos I thought I was having a heart attack and the ambulance was on its way!!



Yesterday’s celebrations started with a very nice breakfast of Eggs Benedict, Black Pudding, and my trademark ‘Black With A Splash’ coffee – NOT the most heart-healthy meal… but everything in moderation eh?!!

Breakfast was enjoyed with my friends Pippa, Barney, Jos, and Ayesha in Maltby, South Yorkshire.

After breakfast we went to pick up some spare walking poles from Pippa’s house, and had the essential pre-hike loo break.  Myself, Ayesha and Barney then set off through Sheffield, Hathersage, Hope and Castleton to our destination at the base of Mam Tor in the High Peaks, Derbyshire.

Ayesha had never attempted a mountain climb before, but was excited & apprehensive to give Mam Tor a go. It’s one of my favourite mountains, second only to Pen-Y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons which will always have a special place in my heart (no pun intended!).

We set off at 12.30pm, taking it nice and steady, stopping to admire the scenery on the way up.

Wonderfully, we all made it to the summit.  The weather was perfect: sunny intervals, a bit of cloud cover, and a gentle breeze.

Ayesha was beside herself with excitement.  I warned her that the buzz of achieving Physical Challenges was VERY addictive!!  😉

I was enjoying being able to make the climb as well – I’m so grateful for a miraculous recovery and a chance to continue living life to the full (John 10:10).

After admiring the scenery at the summit for a while, we then decided we would continue walking along the ridge towards Hollins Cross.

Barney was a great help to Ayesha – helping her along the steeper sections, and making us both laugh with his jokes and random quotes from films he’s watched recently!


After 2hrs of hiking we returned back to the car and headed for a local pub to celebrate our achievements.

Here’s to another year of improving health, fitness, more Physical Challenges and inspiring others.